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Here is the source
"The aluminum alloy chassis used in the FM10 can be traced back more than twenty-five years to the Cosina CT-1. Cosina has a long history of producing equipment to specification for other camera companies. Other famous name SLR cameras that were built around the CT-1 chassis include the Canon T60, Nikon FE10, Olympus OM2000, Ricoh KR-5 and Yashica FX-3. They differ primarily in their outer cosmetic plastic body panels, lens mounts and nameplates. This chassis is also used, in heavily reworked form, as the basis for the recent Rollei 35RF, Zeiss Ikon and Cosina's own Voigtländer branded Bessa R series of 35 mm film rangefinder (RF) cameras as well as the unique Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder camera in magnesium alloy."


Not sure if it is accurate, since wiki is prone to inaccuracies because anyone can write on it.
ah so i guess you are right. i thought the FM10 was rather flimsy when i handled it but the zeiss ikon is reported to feel solid and smooth in operation.