CompnTemp Timer - Compensating Developing Timer software application
Version 1.0 of the CompnTemp Timer (CT) and it is now available from the website:
The CompnTemp Timer is a Java software application that uses a USB temperature probe to monitor developer temperature and runs the clock faster or slower to compensate for temperature fluctuations in the developer.
-Runs on Mac OS X or Windows machines
-Toggle between real and Comp Time
-Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display
-User settable target temperature
-Keyboard or pull-down menu options to set time
-Optional remote USB 10-keypad start-stop & time input
-Programmable compensation curve
-User selected options (profiles) are savable
-Restorable default profiles
-Easily switch between profiles
-Count-down or Count-up timer modes
-Alert sound in countdown mode, at 00:05 sec. or user set interval
-Multiple print processing option in count-down mode

There is a review of the CT timer on pg 54 of the May/June 2008 View Camera Magazine: “A New Tool for the Darkroom” by Alan Ross and Eric Biggerstaff

The software costs $85 and the USB temperature probe can be purchased form Vernier Sci. for around $40. Details and more complete description of CT features and requirements are on the website. The manual and a demo version are downloadable for free from: The demo version does not support use of the temperature probe, but one can set the temperature manually to demonstrate the compensation features.

You can see the timer in action at the Foto3 trade show.

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