Where would I get a rotary processor? Are these the ones that cost a few hundred dollars? I'd prefer not doing trays for all of my applications as I'm not the most consistent when I have to control temperature and time development myself. I have trouble enough with black and white timing. Color would be even worse for me, and I'm not sure I see any advantage in developing in trays if you can't even see your print until it gets into the blix. Also, I don't understand how one would go about printing in trays as color chemistry exhausts more quickly than black and white and must either be used one-shot or replenished. Do I have it right? I want to be able to churn out color prints like the darkrooms for newspapers used to do, as I will be doing a large quantity of prints in the coming months for my high school's yearbook and newspaper. This isn't to say that I won't also want to practice the artistic side of color, just that I want to get an efficient set up so that I can make do in a crunch. Thanks for all the help thus-far everyone!