Hi Fintan

thanks for the mention

I have spare invites so if anyone else is interested in coming on the Friday I will leave their name at the door, if that is necessary, I would imagine they wont turn away anyone genuinely interested.

they are also trying to organise some sort of talk/whatever, will let you know how that pans out

if a couple of APUGers fancy coming on saturday lunch time I sure we could get together, just in case friday night is too much of schlep, show some prints etc in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere. I will be bringing a box of 10x8 Ektalure prints if anyone is up for a swap.

would be good to put faces to names

and just to throw down the gauntlet, the gallery is desperate for good shows so get your portfolios out and send something in, currently they give 750 euros towards the cost of the show and take a 25% cut on any sales, obviously that is subject to change depending on arts council funding, they are probably booked up to at least the end of the year but you'd be amazed at how quick these things come around, as demonstrated by my lack of notifying you all about it, so thanks again Fintan

Hopefully I will also have copies of my book their, normally 75 euro but 50 at the show, and you never know, if you order one from me before the show there might even be a 10x8 in the book....... we shall see........