I have the 135 macro and the 165 2.8. I find the 135 macro pretty much covers everything you need in a portrait but it isn't sharp wide open and when you extend the lens for close up you have to remember to open up as much as a stop. Using flash it is kind of a pain in the rear as you have to be methodical and remember not to forget to open up. I think if you use the camera meter, which I never do, it will tell you to open up as you extend the lens.. not sure about that. The 165 is a nice sharp lens, kind of large but the newer version is light weight. You have to be quite a ways away for closest focus.. something like 4 or 5 feet. Once you put an extension on it you will lose the 2.8 so I am not sure it is an advantage over the f4 135. The 105 that you got is a very nice focal length and is quite sharp, at least mine is. If you are buying off ebay you might just try getting one of the lenses and then if you don't like it put it back on ebay and you should get most of your money back.

I have never tried the 150.