After seeing all the debates about Polaroid quiting the instant business, and the instant film lovers trying desperately to get another company to produce it, a question comes to mind. Just how hard would it be for say, an upstart, to come along and make a similar product? A small business filling this niche market could still make millions. Its only the large companies that have huge overhead that wouldn't take it on. I'm not surprised at all that ILFORD turned down Polaroid. I'm really shocked that they would even ask another big company. How about Polaroid just auction off the process and equipment to someone who's actually interested in instant film?

I figure though that theres got to be an ex Polaroid employee or film expert that would know how to produce limited quantities of instant film. Of course it would have to be different from the Polaroid brand for infringement reasons, although I don't know what difference it makes now that Polaroid doesn't give a care.

I've seen a lot of people who are doing film transfers. Some even make a living going to parties, fairs, etc who make money taking someones picture and transfering it to watercolor paper. Not the mention the Artists who use it. Now they're scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do next.

With all the money people are spending on the last Polaroid stock, you know theres a market.

Just my opinion. Correct me if this should have come under a different category.