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I bought a roll of rollei ortho 25, hoping I could shoot a few photos in high contrast, kind of like shooting on the beach at noon, with overexposed areas well burnt, flare, and all the goods. (high-res though, hence the slow film).

What developer then? Logically, since I do want contrast, I would just prepare a soup of id-11 1+3, but am I risking too high contrast, kind of like a photocopy?
My experience is with the Adox ortho film, which seems to be fairly similar to the Rollei. I really like Diafine for this film in cases where I want high but still more-or-less pictorial contrast; I've seen some *very* nice industrial still-lifes with this combination. The contrast can give a really strong "gritty" impression without the problem of losing detail in the grain.

For a more normal pictorial contrast, I've used Caffenol LC+C, since it seems to be the cheapest low-contrast developer in town. Someday (in my Copious Free Time) I mean to mix up a kind of "half-LC" version and see if I can get intermediate levels of contrast.