Try this:

I have a Hi-Matic 7s and use it only in A (or AA - you have to align both A at the center) mode, as it is far easyer and faster. But it only shuts 1/30 and shorter in this mode (on my model, the 30 is marked in red). In dark I have to use it in ISO 400-800, but this way it works perfectly.

Another thing, the aperture doesn't close as fast as with a SLR, so, while shooting, especially in good light, I have to depress the shooter in two steps by 1/4-1/2 second delay between, to allow the aperture to close.

A good thing is that by half depressing the shooter, you are in AE-lock mode: make the focus, pick up the light where from you like by half depressing the shooter, than reframe and shoot.

The lens is very good (made by Leitz Canada if I recall) and using it in A (AA) mode gives you great pictures at a large scope of apertures. Still, what I don't like about this lens, is: 1) the glare in backlight (a lens shade is recommended), and 2) the metal rim of the lens is soft (I use a metal filter to reinforce it).

Because of the A (AA) setting, I use my Hi-Matic to hunt images, because it works very fast, almost like a point & shoot.

Don't forget to set the ISO lever on the bottom of the lens at OFF after using the camera, in order to preserve the battery.

Good luck!