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The problem with that is that you don't get feedback
on your print, and then you've got to wait to do the
next attempt.
Perhaps my use of one-shot chemistry and single
tray processing has me thinking of printing today and
processing tomorrow.

Duplicating my method, doing it conventionally, would use
7 trays loaded with the usual working strength developer,
stop, 1st fix, 2nd fix, rinse, hca, hold. Having that much
to deal with before and after a session would justify
only lengthy stays and greater volume. As well, 7
trays in my compact lab?

I use 2 trays, one for processing a second for hold. The
2 together are used for alternate tray washes. Very
dilute solutions make good use of the chemistry.
Similar to one-shot rotary processing.

Proofing is an exception to split processing. This evening
I'll proof a negative full frame 2up on 5x7, two sheets, then
print 1up 5x7, two sheets. Exposure will be determined using
the four 2up test exposures.

After that and an evaluation of the two 5x7s four more
5x7s will be made for day after processing. If the negative
is good to go larger that will follow. I use an EM-10 for
same exposure with change in size. The EM-10 value
is determined at the 5x7 size. Dan