I will be an instructor at the Alt Process Workshop given by PhotoCentral in Hayward, CA on June 21 and 22 (Sat&Sun), 2008.

The workshop will cover several alt processes...exactly which ones is still be decided, but I will be teaching carbon printing. Other processes may be van Dyke, cyanotype and inkjet over platinum. When I find out the exact processes that will be covered I will update this annoucement.

Obviously covering several processes in a single weekend will not leave time to cover any of them in great depth, but our goal is for everyone to leave the workshop with a good understanding of the processes, as well as a print that they have made in each of the processes.

I will be supplying the participants with carbon tissue I will make prior to the workshop. The workshop is from 10am to 5pm each day, but I plan to be available Saturday evening for those who wish to fine-tune the carbon print they made earlier, perhaps make a print from a different image, and cover the process in a little more detail.

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Vaughn Hutchins