I got to know Clyde when I lived in Ft. Myers. I would stop whenever I had a chance at his studio/house in Big Cypress Nat. Preserve. Since I worked for the Florida Dept. of Environment Protection we always talked about the environment not photography. Now that I live in New Mexico I really miss those talks. But at least I have 4 of his prints on my wall.

If you are impressed with his images on his web site or in the magazines, you should see them in person. He has a travelling exhibit going around the country now, stopping at small cities. For the month of May and June it will be in Lubbock, TX at Texas Tech. A definite 'must see'.

Clyde is adamant about saving the natural state of the environment. He is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Totally down to earth. He gives workshops a couple times a year, but it is hard to get inot one.