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Color print developed by the C41 process.
Are you sure about this?

Cibachrome - Now Ilfochrome - is considered to be a classic direct positive "C " print, and the chemistry for that is either "P3 or P30". Kodak Radiance is another "direct positive" - process "R3/ R3000." I'm not familiar with Fujichrome papers.

"C41" is negative color FILM chemistry. Unless I've been confused into buying additional chemistry through deliberate mislabeling, these are all not the same.

Ilford "P30" is the only chemistry I'm really - and deliberately- afraid of. I think that the "nasitiness" of this chemistry and its unique disposal techniques is the real reason for the demise of Ilfochrome. Oh, boy - that little packet that says, "Cut this packet open and, holding the edges together, immerse the cut edges under the surface of the liquid, taking precautions to prevent any dust from escaping into the air. Mix *ONLY* in an area with plentiful ventilation".