William, digital thermometers? Isn't this an analog website? Just kidding. I became very impatient when I reached geezerhood. Threw out all my old analog thermometers because they were very slow to stabilize on the exact temp. After trying a few digital thermometers, I settled on a relatively inexpensive stem- type. It has a built-in shut off switch that saves on battery power. It responds to temp. changes rapidly. I don't recommend the types that have LED displays. I think they would fog fast film if held too close. As to your second point, the tap water in my part of the world seldom runs below seventy degrees F. A temp. control faucet would not be useful here, because it is only capable of mixing hot water with cold tap water. My tap water is too warm to begin with. However, when I lived in the mountains of Oregon, the tap water ran at fifty degrees F most of the time, and an automatic temp. controlled mixing faucet would have been a blessing there.