For 8x10 and 11x14 I use a home made washer that consists of a fish tank with lexan partitions and holes drilled in the bottom to allow a slow drain and a rubber hose that runs from the faucet and has five brass nipples that empty water into each compartment. Two prints per slot, 5 slots all together.

I also have used several of the el cheapo plastic trays, 11x14 size for 8x10. I would put 4 prints in each tray and change water at ten minute intervals for 50 min. During the ten minutes i would agitate or rotate the prints top to bottom. Now I use the trays with holes and just let it run for 40 minutes after HCA.

Trays work fine, the disadvantage is you have to be there every ten or fifteen minutes to change the water or move the prints to a fresh tray. "Archival" washers have the advantage of turning it on and going about your other business, but wasteful of water.