I had one, until about ten years ago. I now use the kitchen during the day for film, and at night for Azo printing. I rent a darkroom 15 minutes away for enlargements, color work, and finishing work. It's not the most convenient setup and I am constantly stressing about chemicals and contamination, but it does work and I am able to do all the film I want and print it however I need it.

I am refinancing the house and have the opportunity to cash out a little bit and I have been seriously thinking of building a darkroom again. I still have the photographic hardware..sink, enlarger, archival washers, etc.

Two questions:

1) Is it worth it, or will it be the computer room with a huge sink ten years from now?

2) If I do, I have and know all the basics...flow, active ventilation, dryside/wetside, chemistry under the sink, screens under the counter, etc. I may have the opportunity to do a little more than that. What else would be worth SERIOUSLY considering? A big light for the azo prints, maybe a vacuum frame. A UV thing for Pt/Pd? Help...