Sounds interesting but brings up some questions.

Have you contacted area lawyers about donating a free legal defense, will writing, real estate escrow handling or other auctioning off of their services?

How about local car dealerships so you can auction off a free engine tune up, overhaul or complete set of tires?

Grocery stores for free shopping sprees?

It may be a good cause but I have reservations just as I do with any group that targets artists. Our efforts are seen as worthy for donating mainly because of the pereption that our time and effort isn't really worth anything and 'it costs nothing' but a couple dollars in materials and brings in bucks at auctions. After all, we should be happen someone... anyone... actually wants the pictures.

How about the hospital auctioning off a free cancer treatment regimen, free cleft palate operation or something else of value that actually takes the time and effort of the health professionals? The Doctors and staff can donate all this and make it really worth while.

Artists are seen as fair game because our efforts are the Rodney Dangerfield of fund raising and we are seen as easy marks. After all, it is "just a pitcher".