I've had a number of P67 lenses go through my hands over the years and found that the 150, 165's and the 200 all functioned well for portraits. I don't tend to crop real tight and don't recall close focus issues hampering me with any of these. My 135 has an "edge" to it that isn't always complimentary to middle-aged folk, the 150 is softish, the 165 LS I had was a bit soft, the 165 2.8 is sharp but somehow looks good in portrait duty and the 200 is sharp and the one that I use most often because of my lighting/background issues.

If I've got a problem with the P67 in portrait duty it's that the noise and commotion give too many blinks in my results. Recently, I've been using a 150 on an RF system with better success, even though this isn't accepted practice by most people. I like seeing the eyes during the exposure and can easily see if I captured what I intended.