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I would not want to go back to doing my photography in bathrooms etc. unless I had to. But I have done it in the same way that you now do.

I echo what Jorge said about a committment to the photographic process(s) as they now exist. Normally, the thing that makes most sense is to separate your dry from your wet side in doing your darkroom layout. The dry side would obviously include your contact printing area, your enlarger, print and negative storage. It could also contain such things as your dry mounting press, matting and framing area. Although I would make the latter in a defined area. The wet side would be film and print developing area, washing sink, and print drying racks. A wall segregating these areas would be nice.

Good luck should you go forward. </td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'>
I am in the process of building a darkroom in another building 12.5 miles from my house. The actual DARKROOM will be 13.6 feet square. Then there will be a wall and on the other side will be the finishing room. (mat cutter and dry mount presses and the storage areas. Right now we are in the process of trying to find a leak in the roof before we put sheetrock up on the ceiling again. Then there is the back wall that was wet (from the ceiling leak and a hole where an a/c unit was) and it needs insulation and sheetrock. We will probably move in on or about 4/1/03. There are 3 of us in the darkroom so that is why it is so big. If it was just me I would probably cut the space in 1/2 or a little more. We have 2 fiberglass 8&#39; sinks and 2 archival washers and my Thomas safelite and 3 enlargers 2 dry mount presses. I am building an AZO area and installing a DBI safelight over the sink. Oh, one of the sinks has a temp control unit on it. We have 3 chillers and we think we have enough to make one good one. Since I am having to install a new water heater I have decided to get a 30 gallon shorty. I have 220 vac on the other side of the wall that can be dropped right there. I am installing an I/O switch so that it doesn&#39;t run when we don&#39;t need it. The majority of the year the tap water is warmer than 68f. Mostly we will depend on the chiller to regulate the water temp. So, big happening at Casa Carmichael with the darkrooms.