I use Edwal 12 as my basic 35mm developer for several years. As noted by others Edwal is high contrast, PF describes it as brilliant. I find that I do need to season fresh Edwal 12 with a couple of rolls, I keep a 1/2 gallon on hand, 32 oz working and 32 oz for replenser, I discard and replace 100mm for each roll of 35mm. I kept my last tank going for 2 years, but then did not shoot any 35mm for a while and after sitting for 7 or 8 months I had to start with a fresh batch. I shoot in the Desert Southwest, although the desert is very bright in the summer it is also low contrast due to reflected light, which works well with Edwal 12. I expose for the high lights and let the developer hold the shadow details. Edwal 12 has tight grain and is very sharp. TMax 400, HP 5 and Forma Pan 400 all seem to work well, TMax 100 not so well, and I dont like Tmax or Delta 3200 at all. I agree that Edwal 12 is not a general propose developer and is not one that I would use if I did live in the desert.