Building a darkroom? Well, if Kodak just spent millions building a new plant for B&W film, and Fuji coming out with new B&W films to compete with Kodak, just as they did with Velvia, I would say yes, it is worth it. As to what to buy, I will leave it up to you. Just how many have had to use the kitchen at on time or another for a darkroom. I still have the 5 foot plastic sink I used to lay out over the stove and drain into the sink. The location has very little to do with the quality of work, so long as it is light tight. It is how careful you work that really counts. Still having a large room devoted to a darkroom is a definite convenience. Confuse hypo with suger?

The computer, scanner, digital is here to stay. But I doubt it wil replace the wet darkroom.