We were hoping to see some new faces on this outing. Glad you are thinking of joining us.

Pullman is a very interesting area. Getting into some of the old historic buildings is just fantastic. Last year when we were there, we had access to any of the old hotel rooms.

Usually our outings are on the 3rd Saturday of every month, but this month we are at the mercy of when the historical society could get a volunteer to meet us. Sunday was the only day available for them. The old historic green church is there in Pullman. Maybe one could slip away for an hour. (We tried to get inside the green church last time, but there was a childrens choir practicing in the sanctuary.)

Usually we average about 6 to 12 people every month.

Our January outing is at the Starved Rock lodge where we show portfolios of our photographs from our previous outings. Last January we had 17 portfolios to review!!!

Rick Tapio