I think I have figured out why some people have more than one enlarger in their darkroom.

I want to be able to print both 35mm and 6x7 negatives with my enlarger. I have a Beseler 23CII XL which I bought used with a 50mm Nikon lens mounted to the lens board. I've since started MF photography, and so I bought a 90mm Besler lens. It fits in the same lens board, and the jam nut/retaining ring is the same. But heck if it wasn't a chore to change the lens out. Now, I'm a complete novice, so maybe I just don't know what I'm doing. Let me know if this is the proper procedure:

The lens board is held in place with two brackets, each with 2 Phillips head screws. I unscrewed the bottom bracket to remove the lens board, and out popped a piece of metal that was there to apply pressure to the lens board to hold it in place. Changing the lens on the lens board was easy. Putting it back together was a nightmare. I finally had to tape the lens board to the stage so it wouldn't slip out, then tape the metal pressure piece in place in order to get the bottom bracket in place to screw it back in. Without tape, I would have needed at least 5 hands to do the job. Seriously, is this the only way to change the lens on the enlarger? Next time, I will remove the top bracket, at least that doesn't have the little pressure piece to have to put back on. Any hints on a better way to change out the lens? I will be switching between 35mm and 6x7 very often... possibly a few times a week. I can't see going through all this every time I change formats.