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I wonder what this dev would be if we left the PPD out of it??? Could be interesting.

BTW DF, glad to see you're visiting APUG again.

Thanks, Jim... Glad to be back to the stinky old darkroom !

Dr. Lowe formulated Edwal 10 as a mid '30s variation on D-76,
suggesting that he approached E-12 as a D-76 variation as well.

Edwal 10

Water 900ml
Metol 5 grams
Sulphite 100 grams
Glycin 5 grams
Borax 10 grams
Water to make 1 liter

Since many of us, myself included, use D-76 to maximize shadow detail while holding the highlights, Edwal 10 might be a good N+1 developer.

The grain structure is very much like D-76 if you use a dilution of 1+5 ~ 1+7. Where D-76 might let brights run to gray, E10 will keep them perking along, like Rodinal.

The biggest difference between 10 and 12 ? Finer grain with 12. If you don't want to mess with PPD, and know D76 pretty well, E10 is worth a try.