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Hello All:I recently was given what appears to be a 9x12 cm plate camera.The only problem there is no definitive manufacturer markings.What markings I did find are as follows:Lens is a 6.8 130mm CP Goertz DOPP anastigmat syntor,Speeds T,B,1,2,5 10,25,50 100.F-Stops 6.8,9,12.5,18,25,36.Camera is similar in design to a Zeiss Maximar 207/7.

Any information on this camera would be greatly appreciated.


No specific knowledge, but what seemed to happen quite a lot in 1920s Germany was that fairly simple camera bodies were produced with no name and fitted by lens makers with their own lenses (Zeiss, Rodenstock, Goerz, etc.) and sold under the lens name (in your case, Goerz). The maker could have been one of the companies that amalgamated to form Zeiss Ikon: