I built my darkroom in my garage. It takes up nearly half of the garage. (I can still get one SUV in comfortably.) I print mostly 16x20 and 20x24 prints. I run two enlargers, 21/4 and 5x7. I have a large sink I built out of 3/4 inch plywood and coated it with some kind of boat paint. I use 8, 20x24 at a time with five of them stacked so I can do dev, stop, fix1, fix2, and perma wash in the space width of one 20x24 tray. Then I have a syphon wash and a 20x24 print washer in the sink as well as the ability to tone and bleach at the same time. The wet side works great for me and the dry side of course is never big enough, but there is ample room. I also built in a 20x24 dry mount press under the sink.

For the enlargers I built a table with a top that can be lowered to the floor for very large enlargements.

So David, yes I agree build the darkroom and it will be a joy to work in, because it is a dedicated room and you don't have to start from scratch and set everything up every time you wish to work

Michael McBlane