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No direct experience of this, as I said, I didn't see him actually shooting pictures. From what I recall of his work, he seemed to favor a normal type of perspective, so it wouldn't surprise me if he used 120 mm or so on 6x6, 360 to 450 mm on 8x10".

As regards "traveling to work", he did in fact travel quite a long way - I seem to recall that yachting featured prominently in his life.



PS: Somebody here
reckons MB-M favored a Heliar!
Yes, I believe I had his 10 x 8 which was in a rather sorry state, I believe it was a rather old DeVere. He still worked with a mixture of 6x6 Hassle elm, linhoff and a 5x4, can't recall which. He was a real master of front projection.