Ron , As you remember , I had been started a thread on polaroid emulsion making here.
Finally , you said , kodak had been secretly developed the emulsion recipes.
50 years ago , there was not todays spectrometers and I believe PN 55 developer and thin film formulas can be reverse engineered.
I worked 22 years on zildjian and published the secret at under zildjian secret thread.
Some people visited me from France and started to cymbal business at there with my recipe.
I think I can again make it for PN 55.
Ron , you know the technology , how can this film and developer be analysed ?
I read some whiskey manufacturers at Scotland started to spectrum analysis their alcohol to match all future production to a single formula.
Liquids ...
I did not use PN 55 but I saw some nude pictures taken by rodenstock land at polaroid com gallery and they were the best bw pictures i have ever seen.
How Kodak test their films chemical contents ?
Is there a special method ? Can Kodak be hired to analyse the films as Land hired the Kodak ?
Or are there same instruments at USA elsewhere cheaper ? University labs ?
Nowadays dollar is so low and its time to import knowledge from USA .
I think England and Europe costs 3 times more !
Can Russian technology be hired ? Is there anyone knows Russia ? David may be ?
Ron , you know the patents of Land , Can you collect recipes here belong to PN 55 ? If I know some portion of the mix , it would be easier to extract unknown.
I read Davids monobath experiments. Is Polaroid monobath formula inside of little pockets which opened and spreaded with rolls.
I think I will start from there , is there a polaroid monobath patent just for PN 55 ?
Is there still factory fresh PN 55 at the market ?

Best ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac