There are hundreds of companies at china and india which seeks customer like crazy. They can manufacture the base and the pods. At Intota site , there are many experts who are ready for help.
But it coasts 500 dollars per hour but they have 40 years of experience.
I think pod is the easiest thing to do but I want the image quality , we dont need to imitate the pod. May be customer distribute the monobath at home . It would be decrease the manufacturing cost also. We are not running after instant photography but the quality.
Market is 4 x 5 . I think after the chemical analyses , Ron can change the formula with cheaper newer chemicals without altering the result.
I am after writing a manual of inside chemicals.
I need patent numbers exactly for PN 55. And a analyser company , may be Kodak Labs.
Ron , can you reach inside of labs today with your connections ?