Hi Matt. I wasn't up for attending, as I'd just returned from a lengthy (i.e. expensive) trip in S. Asia. I usually drop in to this swap meet, to see if there's any valuable (to me at least) little nuggets sitting around. These sales certainly aren't as busy as they were some years ago, and being Vancouver, I find that the prices are usually just too high, or not very negotiable. That being said, I have picked-up some great deals, it's just that they're far and few between.

Last fall, there was a camera swap/sale at the Croatian Cultural Centre. It was a pretty small affair, but I managed to pick-up a very minty Ries tripod with a Junior two way head, and Ries carrying bag. You know, like everyone else, I've seen these tripods advertised forever in mags such as View Camera. Never having seen one before in the flesh, I was really impressed by the extremely high build quality of this product.The seller also had a beautiful Wisner 4x5 wood-field camera. If I had the cash, I would of picked that up too. It's soooo light, compared to my Linhof Tech.

The next swap meet "show" at the Cameron site won't be until the fall. Maybe we'll see each other there, and any other Ape-Huggers who happen along.