Dan, I don't know why you think it isn't possible to get good detail in flowers with 35mm equipment while at the same time getting their surroundings in the frame. With Velvia or EVS or even EB you can get a tremendous amount of detail. To see this in a print you need very high resolution scans but it can be done. If you are referring to swings and tilts then this is a different subject. The front standard of the Minolta Auto Bellows III has movements. If I know I will want to use these movements and I am in the 1:4 to 1:1 range then I will use an enlarging lens with enough coverage for what I need. I have successfully used the Bogen 60mm f/4 Wide Angle enlarging lens, a 150/5.6 Rodagon, a 105/5.6 EL Nikkor and others with the bellows and with movements. If I don't need movements I can use my Bronica GS-1 with a G-36 extension tube and the 100/3.5. This lens is not as well corrected in the close range as some others but if I close down to f/8 or f/11 I will still get a very high quality image. I will then be comparing a 6X7 negative with a 6X9 (2X3). It I am using the SQ-A I can use either an S-36 extension tube with the 80/2.8 PS or I can also add the 2X S teleconverter. If I had a Pentax 6X7 I would still be tempted to either buy or make extension tubes and attach enlarging lenses for close-up work. I wouldn't have the movements of a view camera or even those of my Auto Bellows III but there is no reason this wouldn't work. As far as how the format sizes compare to each other, that depends on how large your prints are going to be. If you are ever in the NYC area we can request tripod permits from the Botanical Gardens in The Bronx and go shooting for a day.