Greetings, I actually joined in Sept 2007 after picking up a couple of cameras to add to my small collection. I've been lurking and finding most of my questions had already been asked and answered plenty of times in the past. The search function here is like a trip to the library.

My father had collected interesting looking cameras and was pretty good with one himself. I was hooked after I picked up a couple of TLR cameras from a popular online auction site. About the same time, one of my sons started photography class in school and after we hit the pawn shops and local camera haunts, we found a nice canon A1. He started bringing home some of his completed assignments and I knew I had to get some film and start shooting.

My favorite camera is the minolta srt101. I do have a weakness for old folding model medium format cameras and TLRs. I now have a learners model 4 x 5 view camera that I am learning to use and I am waiting for delivery of a mamiya m645 today or tomorrow.

The darkroom is next!

At any rate, I figured it was time to actually post and say hello!