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I do a little bit of 5x4 but mostly indoors since my bellows are leaky [thanks to a lying Ebay seller] and i always use Polaroid Type 55 on it.

But that said I'd be on for meeting up sometime....
Well Fintan-
your leaky bellows tempted me out into the open-

I remembered a post on the LFF,
where somebody recommended Dow Corning Silastic Gasket 100% silicone rubber Plastic Putty.
And he recommends applying it on the outside-

Strangely enough, he was replying to a post that was 8 years old-
full thread is here-


It would be good if you managed an easy repair-
I hate to think of that T55 expiring for no good reason-

Btw, although that compound sounds plausible,
I haven't any experience of it myself-
My own bellows are holding up quite nicely, thank you very much-

Failing that, there's a seller on ebay that makes replacement bellows-
though I don't know if he does Linhof-
and it would require a bit of DIY to fit them-

Go on- get it fixed...