Good Evening, Brad,

Unless you intend to process a large number of sheets on a routine basis, the simplest solution is to use a color processing drum. The 8 x 10 size will take four 4 x 5 sheets, uses minimal solution amounts, and meets all the criteria you have stated. Prices on E-Bay are very low; you should be able to get one for under $20. A motor base rotator won't cost much more. Personally, I recommend the Chromega brand, but others get good results with the Unicolor. Just avoid anything like a Cibachrome drum which has no means of keeping 4 x 5 sheets locked into place and separated and also has a completely smooth interior which doesn't allow solution to reach the base side of the film to remove any anti-halation layer.

Nothing against the Jobo or Combi-Plan approach, but they more expensive and not quite as simple. For durability, consider that my Chromega drum has provided highly consistent and even development for over twenty-five years with no leakage problems. Check through the forums for other posts; this topic has been addressed before.