Now THIS is why I love this forum! I asked the same question on the DPUG group, and they just didn't see it the same way. They wondered what benefit it would be to have a great big sink next to the double-processor Mac G5 tower.


Like Steve, I currently have to schlep chemicals and trays and a small archival washer every single time I set up. I weigh out Amidol, sulfite, bifisulfite, bromide, etc on a small scale on the kitchen counter every time. I use pyro liquids in the kitchen because the spots turn green and are easy to clean, but I refuse to mix pyro powder on the kitchen counter, so I go to Per Volquartz's house down the street for that, as well as tray inspection developing. And, this is kind of funny, but the reason I have become such a dedicated Azo user isn't because of the wonders of the paper, but the fact that I don't have to enlarge it and it is so damn slow the neighboors' houselights don't fog it through the kitchen window! Don't get me wrong...even in the new room I would use nothing else for the 8x10 negatives, the stuff is SO good. I just got into it by necessity and not by art.

So if I do this, it will be in the back of the garage. I envision a space with a long plywood/boat painted sink, a deeper sink for the archival washer, my enlarger (Saunders dichroic 4x5, so it's pretty big) in a corner, and a long counter. I wonder about UV lighting but I have yet to do Pt/Pd and just don't know. I'd hate to put it in and never use it, and I'd hate to NOT put it in and then become a fan of the process. I also envision a space outside the darkroom with a counter for the drymount press and framing, both of which I do myself (by lugging stuff to the dining room table, as it is now).

You offer a lot of encouragement. I REALLY appreciate it. What a community we have here...