I bought a Konica Auto S2 and it's in a very nice condition. No sticky shutter or apertures or anything like that.

The only thing is that the light meter appears to be dead. I placed a wein cell replacement battery in the camera and the "check battery" button does function (the needly at the top swings to the yellow check mark), but the meter isn't active. It is stuck at the far top (beyond the f/1.8 mark) no matter what the lighting conditions are.

Now, I didn't pay a lot for this camera ($20) so I'm happy to use it without a meter. If nothing else it'll teach me about light. However, if it's an easy fix I would of course love to have a fully working camera.

What are my chances? I realize that this could be anything from a loose wire to a completely dead light metering cell thingie. I should also point out that I have zero experience with camera repair and beyond a pair of pliers and a screwdriver set I have no tools and would have to buy everything.

I'm in the US temporarily (I'm Danish) and can take advantage of the low dollar rates, but I have no feel for how much a camera repair shop would charge for fixing something like this.