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... Suggestions would be:

Wide Angle Protars, the Ross & Zeiss Patents lapsed years ago, it would be wonderful to be able to buy a small multi-coated modern version.

Hypergon's, the Goerz wide angle with the propeller, again a MC version.

Dagor's, it's unlikely Schneider will make them again

Hypergons: Nice, but virtually impossible and would be very expensive, even from Congo. The deep curvature in thin material makes it one of the most expensive lenses it's possible to produce.

Dagors: Why? Besides, Schneider still makes one: The 550XXL.

WA Protars: Not as easy as it seems, and they would still be f:18. But maybe there is a market for them? In most cases I'd rather have - no, forget that: Congo already is making a small, lightweight double-Gauss moderate WA. Maybe I could wish for a new edition of the last version of the Angulon, preferrably complete with a suitable center filter.