WOW, thank you all for such a warm welcome!

OK, my first big mistake: I took my F90X (still working through the manual) to a shoot and forgot to change the ISO settings (eeek!) Film B&W TMax 400 but forgot ISO setting was at 1600. Now that could produce some 'artistic' results but in this case not a good thing. I was with another photographer who insisted I shoot in "P" mode (I always shoot on manual and so was thrown off balance here). I raised my concern - but didn't check the ISO. Silly me assumed in 'P' mode everything would be automatic, including ISO settings. I went along with this person's experience, since he has alot more than me. Now I'm panicking over the results that I won't get until next week from the lab.

Well, first experience back in film and certainly have learnt a lesson. Don't rely on others, always do your own checking - and no matter how experienced the other may be - pipe up!!! And... get to know your equipment!!! Stuff everyone knows of course

I might have to return to flying!!! (I studied for my commercial pilot licence with aerobatics and formation flying, before I got bored with it as it was not creative enough! So I got lost in the business world for a few years not knowing what to do before discovering my passion for photography Flying around Papua New Guinea was the most exciting part - should have had a camera back then!!!