What is interesting is that this is not the whole image.

In the full frame version, you can see a male hand coming into the frame. When people see that image (which isn't as good a crop), they tend to have different feelings about it. It goes from a frazzled mother with a child on her own, to a frazzled mother with child about to get "help".

What is REALLY interesting is what actually happened.

The subjects are my fiancee's cousin's wife and their baby. Her cousin and his wife were with us on a daytrip to York. We stopped at a cafe for lucnh...I mean tea...(forgot where I was).

This shot is not of someone who is frazzled, but simply of the mother turning her head to talk to someone off frame. The baby was not really crying, but sort of gurgling and making faces. It just happened that I caught the moment. I was in fact going for an image of her and the child in a more peaceful pose. The lighting was super for this image with the child being almost spotlit be the sun.

In the end, there turned out to be numerous interpertations of that moment. Each depending on what is shown and where you were.

We have frazzled mother on her own.
We have frazzled mother getting help.
We have someone turning their head to talk while holding a baby.

This is the kind of thing I love about photography. The images don't say just one thing. They say many things. And you can often get them to say something just by changing the viewpoint a bit. Plus the viewer brings their own interpertation with them of the image.

Very fun stuff.