Would appreciate some feedback or suggestions.

I'm putting up a small darkroom in my bedroom. So far I have the enlarger already, and it's a Durst M370 Color. That pretty much limits me to 12x16" prints for 35mm film and should suffice for now. I've made provisions to upgrade to the Meopta 6x7cm range at a later date. I will be printing primarily B&W RC 8x10s.

The problem is that being in my bedroom, I don't have a water supply, nor will I be able to pipe water in.

So what I've thought of doing is using a Nova processing system (build my own perhaps) to get the prints through the darkroom-required part, put the fixed prints in a tray, and bring them to the washroom for a final wash.

I don't have space for 4 9x12" trays, so I figured the Nova system should be best. Will put the tanks into a larger tray to catch any spills.

Chemistry wise, I'm thinking of adopting an acid-free approach in order to conserve water. Developer most likely Neutol Plus, water stop, and TF4 fixer. I live in the tropics, so with air-conditioning, I think I can get temperatures around 22C to 24C. Without, I get 28C or thereabouts.

Drying most likely on a rack in the bathroom. I can't afford one of those Ilford 1250 machines.

Now, I know that two (or more) heads are better than one. I would appreciate it if you could perhaps let me know if there are better ways of doing things, or if you've done a setup like this before, share your experiences.