The setup that you describe should work well enough. Below is a link to an illustration of a portable darkroom, Iím not suggesting that you should buy one, it just illustrates the size required. Shelving to allow you to spread vertically rather than horizontally will help.

The Nova processor will save on both space, and chemicals. A cheaper alternative, and one with a similar footprint, would be to use a Jobo drum on a roller base. Neither route will allow you to get your fingers in the developer, but maybe thatís a good thing if like me, you are sensitive to chemical contact.
I donít think your lack of darkroom water is anymore than an inconvenience, my first darkroom was waterless. As your prints come out of the fixer, immerse them in a tray of water until you are ready to carry them to the bathroom for washing in a batch. My first darkroom was waterless.
To start with I would recommend you use Resin Coated paper since this will present you with fewer initial problems to surmount. If you want to go straight to fibre paper, then use a double weight grade, itís easier to handle although you will still have the drying problems to contend with.