In the early 1990s there used to be a interpretation of the Nova mady by Jobo - very cheap, more robust (plastics, you can move it when filled while a Nova will break and you can move the single tanks to wash them or pour them out) and with a clever clip system (the paper rests on a holder and always is pushed down deep in the tank, thus you need to fill it only partial when using smaller formats).

No heater, it is placed in a large tray filled with water that can be used for a quick washing.

Rumour goes they stopped production when Jobo USA started selling the Nova stuff.

Well, I have one, got it for 10EUR and I like it for quick&dirty stuff in my students "emergency" darkroom (in my bathroom, when I don´t have access to my big darkroom). If you can find one - think about it.

I added an image taken from a 1990 magazine reporting about the prototype.

Re the drums - they are dirt cheap in Germany, as are old CPA/CPE/CPE2 processors. I got one, but I don´t like the mess I do with the drums (they need to be absolutely dry!) and only use the processor for E6 today.