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The build quality of lenses definitely varied, the Pancolor I used on an Excata was superb, similar vintage Prakticamat Pancolor I owned much earlier was awful. It was sharp but the aperture diaphram never stopped down by the same amount each exposure.

All the Zeiss Exacta lenses I used were excellent, and the Lydith 29mm is still an excellent performer.

Yes, I remember my Father saying that the Pancolor was hopeless at larger apertures, and he used the 50mm 2.8 Zeiss Tessar as his standard...the Kodachromes from that still look great.
He, too, had the Lydith and a Zeiss Flektagon wide angle (can't remember which, may have been 25mm as he did a lot of architectural shots) and, again, these seemed great lenses (I think the Flektagons still fetch top prices).
When he passed away, I sold the kit to another enthusiast, as I already had a comprehensive Pentax outfit at that time. Sometimes wish I had kept the Exactas, but perhaps that's just nostalgia.