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I was introduced to a nicely working Exakta Varex VX thanks to a garage sale last year. Everything was fine with the camera except for pinholes in the cloth shutter curtain which I discovered with the first roll of film shot with this camera.

The VX also came with a waist-level finder and a prism finder. The included lenses are a 58mm f2 C. Zeiss Jena Biotar, a 28mm f3.5 Angenieux Retrofocus Type R 11 and a 135mm f3.5 Rodenstock-Yronar. The whole package was $10 or $20!
Pinholes can be spotted with some fabric paint as a tempory measure. A full overhaul here with new shutter curtains undertaken by a specialist is 35+postage. Not bank breaking

The Biotar is a good lens, the 28mm f3.5 Angenieux alone is probably worth 5 times what you paid. (The 135 is worthless though!)