I'm happy to say I provide a happy retirement home to several aged Exakta cameras and lenses. As follows, VX, VX IIa, VX500, VX1000. Lenses are 35mm f2.8 Steinheil Auto-Quinaron, 50mm f3.5 Meyer-Optic Primotar, 58mm f2.0 Zeiss Biotar, 135mm F2.8 Steinheil Quinar, 400mm f5.5 Meyer-Optic Telemegor (Jimmy Stewart/RearWindow style). I have several waist level finders and several prisms.
These cameras are on light duty now, BUT all go for walks winter or summer, They document picnics or casual snaps of friends and small events. The lenses have a lovely signature (Bokeh), very magical when shot against the light Contre-jour. I like the ability to change film emulsions in mid roll as they can be loaded with film, cassette to cassette. Many of the lenses will focus closer than modern lenses of the same focal length, allowing Macro shots of flowers or small objects. The sad part is finding someone reputable to provide CLA service to these cameras.
Wonderful, exotic, rugged cameras. One could collect for a lifetime and never collect or see all the attachments that were built for these machines.
My vote for the sexiest, sleekest is the VXIIa or b. For using, perhaps the VX1000.
Please take good care of those you have, this way others in the future will be able to enjoy them as we. There will be no more Exaktas when these are gone.
Sam H.