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If you look at other posts by Mr Mark Sawyer, you'll figure out that it's all a nice Sat evening joke.
Maybe so.

But in a supplementary issue to Photo Techniques just out there is an article on making palladium looking prints with inkjets. The writer, Hugh Smith, states: "Today, however, palladium can be almost completely reproduced in a "light room" using a computer, a scanned image, a good inkjet printer, and heavyweight matte paper." He contrasts this marvel of current technology to the old days, when photographers coated their papers with a highly poisonous solution of platinum salts, "and then exposing the negative to sunlight for an inexact period of time. Mr. Smith adds, "The time required often took days?"

Now, if stuff such as this can be published in a national magazine, and presumably peer reviewed, why should we not expect to have a platinum plug-in with Photoshop ? Or better yet, just include it as one of the file saving options on the camera?