Samuel - I have a reputable, fairly priced and compitent Exakta repair specialist if your willing to post to the UK.

How do you find the Auto-Quinaron lenses? I've been tempted to pick up these but i'm not sure they'll be much different to the zeiss lenses i have.

The sexiest is definately the VX / IIA, (I'm undecided about embossed vs engraved, probably engraved) - I've never liked the black name label on the later IIA and the IIB's. Also the VX / IIA feels nicer. The rewind tab on my early VX makes thing easier as well. The rewind handle on the IIB is a ring pain in the bum.
I don't like the VX1000 because it feels "Cheaper" with the plastic nametag and the plastic dials.