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Samuel - I have a reputable, fairly priced and compitent Exakta repair specialist if your willing to post to the UK.

Good afternoon Wishy, I'll post my Exakta to the UK for CLA. Let me know about this chap and how to contact him if you please.
Out of curiousity, my family are from Guernsey and Suffolk now in the U.S., where are you located?

How do you find the Auto-Quinaron lenses? I've been tempted to pick up these but i'm not sure they'll be much different to the zeiss lenses i have.

Mine is brilliant, I think it has less flare than the Zeiss. I love mine, colors are very rich and saturated.

The sexiest is definately the VX / IIA, (I'm undecided about embossed vs engraved, probably engraved) - I've never liked the black name label on the later IIA and the IIB's. Also the VX / IIA feels nicer. The rewind tab on my early VX makes thing easier as well. The rewind handle on the IIB is a ring pain in the bum.
I don't like the VX1000 because it feels "Cheaper" with the plastic nametag and the plastic dials.
I agree totally.

Many thanks,
Sam H.