I guess some people just do not understand that it is the journey that counts... and not the final output. To some having a point, shoot, and click result to get a good "look a like" pt/pd print gives them something to do for a single evening while playing on the PC. Another evening wasted away in boredom while selecting menu options and quickly seeing the changes.

I personally am still looking forward to creating my first pt/pd print the traditional way. I have all the components for assembling my lightbox (had for four months now) and the kits to begin, just not the proper time for my busy schedule. Late this spring I changed careers and now am working fulltime in British Columbia while living in Alberta. The drive to work is very exhausting. (joke... 360 miles one way). Hopefully after this winter I will have everything settled into place, the house sold, the family moved and I can get back into the darkroom again.

Don't worry Mr. William Blunt... I most definitely will get there but it will just take a bit longer than I expected. Unfortunately I am renting a residence in BC and will only have my computer to fiddle on while I am there. I hope to use that time to learn to scan negatives and start to make good enlarged negatives for Pt/PD usage. Would rather have the darkroom...but I will make due with what is available.

Anyways at least I can come to Apug for solace and read about the fun the rest of you are having.

Kind Regards,