You can always get a dark bag to load film in the tanks, and if you have a sink in a laundry room someplace that's all you really need. You might take a class at a local college or look into places that rent darkroom space. Once you process your own film, you'll want to print as well. (Are you familiar with the "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" books??) I have small children too, and all the chemicals are well sealed and in the basement. The darkroom is strictly off limits, and the door is usually locked. When I first started to get back into black and white, I shot a lot of chromgenic film, Ilford XP2 and Kodak T-400 CN, and had them commercially processed. I really didn't want the chemicals around before I had the darkroom. When I finally built the darkroom, I have to say, I've had some epic battles making the prints with those negs. A lot was overdeveloped. Now that I am processing my own film, half the battle for printing has been conquered. Good luck with it.