I'm helping my old buddy clean out his stash of camera gear and, as a start, took out 5 contractor garbage bags filled with cameras, movie gear and flash stuff. Sorted down, it gives me a couple dozen toy cameras worth playing with - some 620 and some 127. I'll try to have take-up reels for the 620 gear and I'll give them away at the get-together. I threw away about 100 lbs of 8mm cameras - and that was just the ones that were mostly metal. The plastic stuff, like the newer Super 8 and (bad) Instamatics, went in another big bag to the dump.

and we've just begun... There is probably about a ton of camera gear in this storage area. Next we'll tackle the screw mount stuff he says he can't sell (not leica... stop drooling.)

There is also the matter of the film that is in some of these cameras. I took out some 616 that was exposed today. I'll try it in HC110 tomorrow.